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Career in Aviation-Rapidly Growing Industry with High Salary lets know A 2 Z

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Career in Aviation-Rapidly Growing Industry with High Salary lets know A 2 Z

Career in Aviation – How good does it sound to hear! Friends, most of us used to be so happy to see airplanes flying in the sky in our childhood,

Today if someone tells us that if you want to make a Career in Aviation, then we start thinking how to make a Career in Aviation.

Only pilots and air hostess work in airlines, we do not know how to fly ships, so how can we make a Career in Aviation?

So let’s understand what is Career in Aviation and how is it possible

Today our country has made a lot of progress, people’s eating habits have already become very good, people work day and night to live a good life and therefore they do not have much time for other works.

Due to the paucity of time and for the convenience of travel, today people prefer to travel by air and that is why today many airlines are offering the facility of air travel even at low prices.

Like Indigo, Spice, Sahara, Jet Airways, Air India, Indian Airlines etc and in all these airlines a large number of people are working on good salary.

Apart from pilot and air hostage, there are many positions in these airlines which make the travel of people easy, safe and convenient.

And these people look after the work of transportation of goods to safety of goods etc.

Courses for making Career in Aviation

  • Pilot
  • Airport Operations Manager
  • Air Ticketing Staff
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Aircraft Electrical Installer or Technician
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Engineer
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician
  • Quality Control Personnel
  • Flight Steward/Stewardess (Air hostess)
  • Ground Staff
  • Airline Administrative Support
  • Operations Agent
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Flight Dispatcher
  • Ground / Airport Station Attendant


Eligibility / Educational Qualification / training to start Career in Aviation

The training of Airport Ground Staff takes place in the Aviation Institute.Many institutes provide ground staff courses to 12th pass students.But some well-known institutes admit only graduate degree holders to diploma courses.

In airlines, along with air travel, there are many types of work at the airport, which is completed by the ground staff of the airlines,

The ground staff is responsible for the transportation of luggage of passengers, safety of luggage, convenience of passengers and various works done at the airport.

Airplane cleaning, Airport cleaning, maintenance work is also done by the ground staff.

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Duration of Aviation courses

To get a job as Airport Ground Staff, there are many aviation courses statutes which provide short term or long term all types of courses, their duration is 6 months or more or according to the course.

Airport internship is also done along with these courses and after doing internship and training you can do job as ground staff.


The starting salary can be 15 to 20 thousand rupees or more, which also depends on your education & the course you have done.

Generally international airlines pay more than domestic airlines but your salary is based on the rules of the airlines.

After a few years of service, your salary can range from 50 thousand to 80 thousand rupees.

Career in Aviation

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basic skills for making Career in Aviation

To make a career in Airport Ground Staff, you should think only when your communication skills are good and you are good at listening, writing and speaking, along with this your English should also be good.

Also, you should have the ability to work in a team and the ability to complete your work in the given time frame, that is, the ability to manage time.

To make a career in this field, it is necessary to have good knowledge of English. The institutes give admission to the course on the basis of merit.

Age limit for making Career in Aviation

The age limit of aviation courses in most of the institutes is 17 to 25 years, in some institutes the maximum age is 27 years because airlines want to recruit young employees.

List of Top Aviation Institute in India

  • Academy of Aviation and Engineering Bangalore
  • Ahmadabad Aviation and Aeronautics Ahmadabad
  • A. J. Aviation academy Bangalore
  • Hindustan Aviation Academy Bangalore
  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautics New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautics Science Jamshedpur
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautical Science Kolkata
  • Indian Institute for Aeronautical Engineering & Information Technology (IIAEIT) Pune
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautics Group of Institutions Patna
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering Bhopal
  • IIFA Multimedia, Bengaluru
  • Indian Aviation Academy Mumbai
  • National College of Aviation Aurangabad
  • Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy Hyderabad
  • Wingss College of Aviation Technology Pune

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