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Career In SEO: Search Engine Optimization

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Career in SEO : Search Engine Optimization: Best SEO School

career in seo :In the digital age, many new career options are open for the youth. SEO field is also one of these best options.

SEO is considered to be the backbone of Internet and digital marketing, which brings the product to the user through content creation and promotion, search engines and social media.

Today all the small and big companies are spending unnecessarily on good SEO.

Know what is SEO and how can you make a career in this field?

what is seo

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Search engine is very important to increase traffic to website.

The only challenge before the SEO staff is that their website stays on the first page in the searches of search engines (for example Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

The more they are successful in this objective, the more their product will sell.

The ranking of a website has a direct effect on income and value because generally Internet users choose the website to appear in the top searches on the first page of Google.

A search engine like Google checks about 200 factors to show the desired search results of its users, on the basis of which the ranking of a website or webpage is decided.

On the basis of these factors, SEO staff works and works to promote their website in Google and other search engines.

Skills Required for getting career in SEO Field

For any digital company, only two things are important, first the content and secondly the SEO staff. The two are so closely related to each other that they cannot be seen in isolation.

Based on the content, SEO creates a strategy to promote the webpage. For this, he should know basic programming language, have knowledge of English language and can understand the content, have the ability to edit it.

career in seo

How SEO Works

SEO is done in two ways on any website, (1) On-page SEO, (2) Off-page SEO, both of them focus on the content but there are some basic differences in them.

on page seo

The first thing is that good content should be written, it should use sufficient amount of keywords (words from which people search in Google), Google friendly URL, keywords and content information on the image.

After this, that website has to be listed in Google. On which word users are searching the most, content has to be written on them.

off page seo

Promoting content on social media platforms around the world comes under off-page SEO. Under this, the website has to be listed on the bookmarking website, link building has to be done for guest posts on other websites, the website has to be submitted in the blog directory.

Duration & Eligibility for Seo Training

Centers for SEO training are open in all major cities across the country. Certificate courses of 3 to 6 months duration are offered in these centres. Any 12th pass or more educated youth can come in this field.

You can also get basic knowledge of SEO through online websites. The following institutes also offer courses in the country.

List of Some Top SEO Training Institute in India

  • Delhi School of Digital Marketing (DSIM) (https://Dsim.In/)
  • CIIM Chandigarh (Www.Ciim.In)
  • Digital Vidya, Delhi (Digitalvidya.Com) is one of the best digital marketing and data analytics training company
  • PromozSEO is a leading institute in Kolkata
  • I.P.S Pune, Mumbai (Www.Lipsindia.Com)
  • The SEO Training Institute
  • Expert Training Institute
  • Chandigarh Institute of Internet Management
  • TheSeoClasses
  • Delhi School of Digital Marketing.

Starting salary in the career of SEO professional

If you have a science background and you are also technically proficient, then the course of SEO can prove to be even more beneficial for you. The starting salary in this profession can usually be 2 lakh – 4 lakh rupees.

By doing SEO Marketing course, you can become SEO Professional, Website Auditor.

as well as you can do Analytics, Business Management / Development, Link Building, Event Management, Social Media Analyst, Web Development Management, Web Design, Public Relations, Reputation Management, Paid

You can also find opportunities for yourself in search / PPC management, blogging etc.

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