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Career in Stock Market falls in top 10 trending jobs opportunities 

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Career in Stock Market falls in top 10 trending jobs opportunities

Friends, before understanding Share, Stock Market and Career in Stock Market, let us try to know what is Share or Stock Market?

Stock market is the market where you buy or sell a very small, small, big or very large part of the ownership of any company.

You can understand this with a simple example that if someone is doing a business of 100 rupees and you have invested 10 rupees in his business, then your participation in his business is 10%.

And if tomorrow its business would grows up to Rs 200, then since your share is 10%, the value of your share will be Rs 20.

You can sell your share in that business to someone else whenever you want or you can buy someone else’s share in that business.

Similarly, big companies collect money from various investors and do business with them to increase their business.

And the profit or loss that comes from that business is divided/distributed equally among the investors according to the share of the investors.

There are many Share Brokers to buy and sell shares in the market and they advise their customers about which company’s shares should be bought or sold,

These Share Brokers provide all kinds of assistance to their customers in buying / selling shares and take some commission from the customers for their services like property dealer takes commission while buying / selling a property.

The value of the shares of all the companies increases or decreases every day and the increase or decrease in the value of the share is according to the policies of the government and the future prospects of the company.

The position of the price of shares of all companies is known from the Stock Market of Mumbai ie BSE, BSE means Bombay Stock Exchange.

It was established in 1875. The Bombay Stock Exchange, also known as the Mumbai Stock Exchange, is the oldest stock exchange in India and Asia.

There is another stock exchange like Bombay Stock Exchange which is called National Stock Exchange and it was established in 1992.

these stock exchange work under the supervision of the Stock Market, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), which was established on 12 April 1988 and got statutory recognition under SEBI Act 1992 on 30 January 1992.

SEBI’s headquarter is located at Bandra Kurla in Mumbai and Southern, Western, Northern and Eastern Regional Offices are located at Chennai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi and Kolkata respectively.

A company can bring its initial issue (IPO) in the market only after the approval of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

How to make Career in Stock Market

Today’s India has changed a lot from earlier India, today there are many such companies in India which are doing business at international level and earning billions,

Today Indian companies have acquired many foreign big companies,

In such a situation, for the expansion of their business, companies collect money from the market by issuing shares of their company and by doing business with that money, distribute the profit among the shareholders,

Today there are a large number of people in India who do not want to do their own business, but want to earn money by investing their money in shares.

Today, in all the big and small cities, people’s interest in the stock market has increased and people want to make more money by investing in the stock market and that is why Career in Stock Market is a good option for today’s youth.

Jobs Opportunity while making Career in Stock Market

Many people work in the stock market from small to big level business, who are working in different positions and according to the post and experience, their salary is also different, these posts are of the following types:-

• Stockbroker.
• Financial Advisor.
• Financial Analyst.
• Investment Advisor.
• Portfolio Management Services (PMS)
• Research Analyst.
• Equity Analyst (Fundamental/ Technical)
• Online Stock Trading.
• Trainer
• Financial Manager
• Equity analyst
• Derivatives analyst
• hedge fund manager
• Mutual fund manager
• Relationship manager
• Risk analyst
• Market researcher
• Investment advisor

Educational Qualification for getting Career in Stock Market

To make a career in the stock market, you should at least pass higher secondary education (class 12th) in any subject, after 12th you can get a better career in stock market after getting some experience. If you are from commerce background then this would be better for you.

If you are a graduate or masters in management, business or finance, then you can join any good organization / company at the very beginning of your career.

If you are an MBA degree holder and have done specialization in finance then you will get job in big companies also.

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If you are searching for a job in stock market after doing a certification course with 12th, then you can get an starting salary of 8 to 12 thousand, but if you have done graduate with finance or commerce, then your starting salary can be 15 to 20 thousand,

If you have studied any more than this, then accordingly your salary can be more.

Job Oriented Course for making career in stock exchange

There are many types of courses to get jobs in stock exchange, some of which are as follows:-
• Equity Dealer Certification
• Certificate Course in Stock Market
• Diploma in Research Analyst
• Diploma in Financial & Stock Markets
• Advance Diploma in Financial Markets
• Stock Market Course for Stock Traders
• Diploma in Investment Advisory
• Diploma in Research Analyst
• Stock Market Certificate Course
• Advance Course in Investment & Portfolio Management
• Technical Analysis Course in Stock Market
• Fundamental Analysis Course in Stock Market

Career in Stock Market

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There are many institutes in India providing stock market education and training, out of which the top 5 are as follows:-
1. NSE Academy
2. BSE Academy
3. Nifty Trading Academy (NTA)
4. National Institute of Financial Market (NIFM)
5. National Institute of Securities Market (NISM)


NSE CERTIFICATION COURSES for getting Career in Stock Market

Courses offered by NSE Academy
• NSE Academy’s Certified Market Professional (NCMP)
• NCFM Advanced Modules
• NCFM Intermediate Modules
• NCFM Foundation Courses
• NCFM Certification
• Proficiency Certificate

2. BSE Academics

BSE CERTIFICATION COURSES for getting Career in Stock Market

Courses offered by BSE Academy
• Certification Program on Investment Banking
• Certification Program on Risk Management
• Certification Program on Technical Analysis
• Certification Program on Stock Market
• Certification Program on Bound Market
• Certification Program on Equity Research


NIFM CERTIFICATION COURSES for getting Career in Stock Market

Courses offered by NIFM
• NIFM Certified Smart Investor
• NIFM Certified Technical Analysis
• NIFM Certification Preparation Module
• Post Graduate Diploma in Research Analyst
• Post Graduate Diploma in Management
• Fellow Program in Management


NISM CERTIFICATION COURSES for getting Career in Stock Market

Courses offered by NISM
• NISM Series I: Currency Derivatives Certification Examination
• NISM Series II: A: Registrars and Transfer Agents (Corporate) Certification Examination
• NISM Series II: B: Registrars and Transfer Agents (Mutual Fund) Certification Examination
• NISM Series III: A: Securities Intermediaries Compliance (Non-Fund) Certification Examination
• NISM Series III: B: Issuers Compliance Certification Examination
• NISM Series IV: Interest Rates Derivatives Certification Examination


NIFTY CERTIFICATION COURSES for getting Career in Stock Market

Courses offered by Nifty Trading Academy
• Intra day Trading Course
• Advance Technical Analysis Course
• Diploma in Technical Analysis Course
• Pure Profit Course with Software

Friends, in this article: Career in Stock Market, we have tried to explain all those facts, by which you can understand stock market and Career in Stock Market, but if there are some facts left which you want to understand, then feel free to ask us. We will definitely reply to your comments

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