Operating system and its types Character User Interface Graphical User Interface

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Operating system and its types Character User Interface Graphical User Interface

Operating software

Operating software is a type of system software. We know that there are many devices in any computer.


But we cannot run these devices directly, the software we need to run these devices is the operating system.

All the application software are installed in the computer.
Such as ms-word, tally, photoshop etc. These application software also work with the help of system software.

Short Definition: –

“Operating system is an interface between user and computer hardware.”

Whatever work we have to get done by the computer, we get it done by the operating system.

If the operating system is removed from a computer, the computer may stop working partially or completely.

And removing the OS will automatically remove all the application software installed in the computer.

There are several types of OS such as: –

OS by User Interface

(A). Operating system as per the User Interface

(1) .Character User Interface (CUI): –

User Interface

(It is also called Command Line Interface / Command Line User Interface / Console Mode): –

In this interface the user uses characters or commands while using the computer.
whatever instructions the user gives to the computer or whatever result it gets from the computer, it gives or takes it as characters, hence it is called Character User Interface.

It involves the exchanging of data, information (or instruction) between the computer and the user by characters or commands.

Example of Character User Interface

Unix, DOS etc

(2). Graphical User Interface (GUI): –

In this interface, user gives or takes data, information, instructions in the form of graphical objects such as pictures or icons while using the computer so then this is called Graphical User Interface (GUI)

In this, exchange of data, information or instruction between computer and user is done by graphical objects like pictures / icons.

Example of Graphical User Interface

Window OS

Layered hierarchy among User, Application Software ,System Software & Hardware of Computer 

at the Top –> USER

between User & System s / w –> APPLICATION SOFTWARE

between Application s / w & Hardware –>  SYSTEM SOFTWARE

Physical & Tangible Component, conceptually not connected with

User of computer directly –> HARDWARE


Below is the further topic ,which you can read by clicking on it

(B). Operating system as per the number of user & nature of work( Multi User OS Single User OS)


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