Computer software notes in easy language

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Computer software notes in easy language

Friends, people living in different places in this world know different languages ​​and the language we understand, we do our work in that language,

Our interactions with each other and instructing each other are all done in the same language that we know.

In the same way, computers used in different places around the world are also of a different type, and the languages ​​they are working in can also be different languages.

To use the computer, a programmer writes programs in the same language that the computer understands.

Whatever work computers do, they perform according to any instruction or set off instructions and these instructions are developed by the programmer.

What is the computer program

A single instruction or group of instructions given to a computer, with the help of which the computer can complete any specific task given by the computer user, is called a program.
Any program is written in a language that the computer can understand and that language is called programming language.

What is computer software?

Computer software definition

A program or set of programs by which a complete specific task is accomplished and / or the computer’s hardware can be controlled is called software.

Generally, complete documentation of how to use the software is also provided with the software.

Today, most electronic items used in our homes are equipped with software.

We use set top boxes to watch TV in our homes, that also runs with software.

Electricity meters installed in our homes also have software and when we book gas cylinders for our house, we do it only with the help of gas company software.

When we withdraw money from our bank accounts through ATMs, we withdraw it only with the help of software installed in ATMs.

We use software in bank transactions, railway reservations.

And the browser in which you are reading this article is also a software.

So when software is so important, then let’s know what software is: –

Software definition: –

(What is software in computer)

Software is a program or set of programs designed to accomplish a specific task or to control all the hardware of a computer.

The software is classified as follows (classification of computer software):

  1. application software
  2. system software

1. application software

Computer Software designed to meet the special needs of the user is called application software, even if the application software is removed from the computer, the computer will continue to function correctly.

There are many types of application software. Types of application software

(List of application software)

Example of Application Software :-

1. Word processing application software (MS-Word etc.)

2. Spreadsheet application software (MS-Excel etc.)

3. Database Application Software (Oracle, MS-Access etc.)

4. Graphics application software (Photoshop etc.)

5. Personal Support Application Software (Google Assistant etc.)

6. Educational application software (dictionaries etc.)

7. Activation application software (VLC media player etc.)


2. System Software

(What is System Software. System Software Notes)

Software designed to create an interface between the user and computer hardware and control the entire computer system is called system software. When system software is removed from any computer, the computer may stop working partially or completely.

Example of system software : –

1. Language translator (compiler, assembler etc.)
2. Software Software (File Transfer Protocol (FTP) etc.)
3.Device driver (sound driver etc.)
4. Operating System (Windows, Unix, Linux etc.)


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