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Google Uesrs will now get Google Alerts

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Google Uesrs will now get Google Alerts

In the world of the Internet, whenever an Internet user searches for a topic, he first opens google, but after doing google, when he gets many results on the same topic, he gets confused.

Keeping this in mind, Google will now tell its users how reliable the results they have found on searching a topic are.

Google said in a blog post that Google would suggest its users to check various results on a new topic.

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For example, on searching for breaking news or trending topics, he will tell his users that the results available on google on the topic he is searching for are changing rapidly.

For this google will start showing short notices like “The results for this topic seem to be changing frequently” or “It seems that the results for this topic are changing rapidly”.

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Google may start this with the topic being searched in the United States where Google will find that the topic being searched has more than one result.

Today, we search almost all types of topics on google, but many times such a situation comes when the Internet user gets more than one result of the same topic and when this happens the user gets confused.

In such a situation, Google with its latest technology will tell the user when the results of this topic are changing rapidly or check the results shown on this topic.

In today’s time, when you see any breaking news through news paper or social media, may be some pictures / videos displayed in that news were already published for any other news some days/month/year earlier.

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but to make that news more sensational, that old pictures / videos are included in present news

In such a situation, the user gets confused but now google will show the link of the news shown earlier to its user so that the user can know the truth of that news.

And if the topic being searched is completely new and nothing related to it has happened in the past, Google will also let its users know that the results of the topic are changing rapidly.

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