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latest invention-Helmet that reads human mind, costs Rs 37 lakh

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latest invention-Helmet that reads human mind, costs Rs 37 lakh

latest invention in the world : A company named Kernel is going to launch such digital helmets in the market in the coming few days, which can be worn on the head like the helmets worn while riding a bike.
It will be such a helmet that will monitor the activities of the helmet wearer’s brain and through this will try to understand the decisions taken by our brain.
It is believed that its starting price may be closer to $ 50,000 (about Rs 37 lakh) in the US and if it is widely adopted then its price will go down in the future.

How helmet reads human mind

This helmet weighs a few pounds and has a mesh of sensors inside. This helmet will measure and then analyze the electrical waves in your brain. To do this work, more electronic components have been used in this device.

Whenever a thought runs in a person’s mind, what is the effect on the blood flow in the brain at that time, this helmet will also collect information about that and it will find out that the different parts of the human body are related to the activities happening in the outside world. How sensitive are they and how do they react?

With this helmet, the researchers are excited about their research, which will answer questions about aging of the brain, mental disorders, dizziness, stroke and the mechanics behind spiritual experiences such as meditation and psychedelic journeys.

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Kernel company latest invention Digital Helmet

The CEO of Kernel company is Johnson and he is engaged in manufacturing thousands of such helmets through this startup which are very light and economical.

in this latest invention There is a lot of enthusiasm in medical science about such helmets, neuroscientists also want to see how much this helmet can solve the mysteries of the human brain,
Along with this, computer scientists and electrical engineers are also very excited about this helmet whether the human brain can really be tested outside universities and government laboratories.

Kernel helmets are being shipped first to brain research institutes and then to companies that want to know how people make decisions about a product and what kinds of thoughts.

Once companies know how people make decisions about a product, then it will be easier for companies to make products according to the needs of the consumers.

Johnson, the CEO of Kernel company, also says that by 2030, he will bring the price of these helmets to the cost of a smartphone, so that in the coming times, the whole of America will wear this latest invention i;e helmets.

digital helmet latest invention

Imaginary image : image credit – Pexels 

digital helmet looks

The helmet looks like a hi-tech helmet on a bike and is fitted with countless aluminum panels that sag head-to-head around the head.

When we turn this helmet over, a ring of sensors will be seen in it and it can be connected to the computer by the wire given at the back.

During the functioning of our active brain and nerves, blood rushes to carry oxygen to the brain. This device will be able to measure the change in blood oxygen level.

When blood is moving, the protein in the form of hemoglobin is also floating in the blood, and when it is transporting oxygen, it absorbs infrared light differently.

At this time laser waves are released into the brain from this helmet. Through which it can be found out by the reflected photons that where the blood oxygen level has changed.
If this helmet lives up to the hope of researchers, then it will be a big invention of today’s time.

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