ms word shortcut keys – computer shortcut keys a2z gives Success in Examinations

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ms word shortcut keys – computer shortcut keys a2z gives Success in Examinations

ms word shortcut keys

ms word shortcut keys are very important keys & every person who willing to learn computer should learn ms word shortcut keys

some of important ms word shortcut keys are given with here to learn with explanation.

(ms word shortcut keys marked with * are very important & should be remember)

Ctrl+A:—> It is used to select all content including images and other objects of a page we are working on.       *

Ctrl+B:—> It is used to bold the selected item of a page.       *

Ctrl+C:—> It is used to copy the selected text of the page including all other objects placed on the  page.       *

Ctrl+D:—> It is used to open the font preferences window that contains several options such as font size, font style, font color , effects, character spacing etc.       *

Ctrl+E:—> It is used to align the selected item (placed on the page) to the center of the page.       *

Ctrl+F:—> It is used to find or search desired data( text, sentence or any character ) in the current document.       *

Ctrl + F

Ctrl+H:—> It is used to replace the words ,sentences or any character given on the page       *

Ctrl + H

Ctrl+G:—> It is used to Go To or jump to any page, section, line etc of the page we are working on.       it is the 3rd option ( tab ) given at the top of the window open with Ctrl + F or Ctrl + H command       *


Ctrl+I:—> It is used to italicize and un-italicize the selected text.       *

Ctrl+J:—> It is used to Justify the selected text.       *

Ctrl+K:—> It is used to insert the hyperlink on the page we are working on , example       *

Ctrl+L:—> It is used to align the selected content ( lines / paragraph / entire document  ) to the left of the page .       *

Ctrl+M:—> It is used to increase indent ( distance between line / paragraph & left edge of the page.       *

Ctrl + Shift + M :—> it is used to decrease indent       *

Ctrl+N:—> It is used to open a new or blank document.       *

Ctrl+O:—> It is used to open previously saved document.       *

Ctrl+P:—> It is used to open the print preview window of a document or a page. (Alternatives keys are :—> Ctrl+F2 and Ctrl+Shift+F12.)       *

Ctrl+R:—> It is used to align the line or selected content to the right of the document / page.       *

Ctrl+S:—> It is used to save the document / page.       *

Ctrl+T:—> It is used to creating a hanging indent for a paragraph. for better understanding you can see the below image which contains lines before & after pressing Ctrl + T

ctrl + t

Ctrl + Shift + T :—> it is used to remove hanging indent for a paragraph.

Ctrl+U:—> It is used to underline the selected text.       *

Ctrl+V:—> It is used to paste the copied text,sentence or paragraph where your cursor is placed . after copying you can use several numbers of time ( Alternative Key :—>- Shift+Insert.)       *

Ctrl+W:—> It is used to quickly close the opened document / page.       *

Ctrl+X:—> this key allow you to cut any text, sentence, paragraph & after that you can paste it anywhere by  by using Ctrl+V ( or Shift + Insert ).       *

Ctrl+Y:—> It allow you to redo the last action performed in a document/page file. for example, if you have written a word “Scrub India” then you can repeat this word multiple times by pressing Ctrl+Y shortcut key.       *

Ctrl+Z:—> if you have made or deleted any sentence, then with the help of this key you can exactly reverse the action you have done before , example :—> you have written Scrub India & just after you have pressed Ctrl + Z  then “Scrub India” will be erased or if you have deleted “Scrub India” by mistake then you can recover it by pressing Ctrl + Z . ( Alternative Keys :—> Alt+Backspace)       *

Alt+F, A:—> It allow us to use the Save As option, normally this key is used for saving any file ( which is already saved earlier ) with a different name. for that, we have to press Alt+F, which displays a dialog box & then press A for Save As option. ( Alternative Key :—> F12)

Ctrl+Shift+L:—> it is used to create a bullet point before selected lines / paragraph.

Ctrl+Shift+>:—> It increases the font size by +1pts up to 12pt thereafter increases by +2pts upto 1638 pt       *

Ctrl+Shift+<:—> It is used to decrease the font If the font size is 12pt or lower; it decreases the font by -1pts, and if the font size is above 12, it decreases the font by +2pts.       *

Ctrl+]:—> It is used to increase the font size by +1pts.

Ctrl+[:—> It is used to decreases the font size by -1pts.


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