Types of computer Analog, Digital, Hybrid A2Z

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Types of computer Analog Computer Digital Computer Hybrid Computer A2Z

Types of computer according to their work

Analog Computer

Analog Computer

Analog computers are the computers that work on analog signals, i.e they process only Analog data.

Analog data is that kind of data which is not given in the form of numbers, i.e those data which are found in the form of physical quantity,
such as Voltage, Temperature, Pressure etc.

This type of computer stores and calculates data in a continuous form (constant order) of physical quantities.

Examples of analog computer :

thermometer, petrol pump meter, car speedometer

Digital Computer


Digital computer are the computer that processes numbers / numerical data. These types of computers calculate any data on the base of 0 and 1.
0 and 1 are called binary system or binary digit.

Nowadays , these types of computer are the most popular computers . This computer was actually built for business purpose.

Examples of digital computer :

Computers used in our homes and offices

Hybrid Computer

Hybrid Computer

Hybrid Computers are the computers in which properties of both analog computer and digital computer are found.

They can measure physical quantity like analog computers and give accuracy like digital computers in their results.

these types of computers are mostly used in hospitals where the patient’s ultrasound, MRI, blood pressure or blood pressure etc. are measured as analog and then that data is shown in the format of numbers and stored for future just like a digital computer does

Examples of hybrid computer :

MRI, CT Scan machines etc.

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