types of computers Super Mainframes Mini Microcomputer A 2 Z

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types of computers Super Mainframes Mini Microcomputer A 2 Z

types of computers on the basis of size and capacity

A computer can be classified into 4 types based on its performance and size. Which is as follows: –

  • supercomputer
  • mainframe computer
  • minicomputer
  • microcomputer

Let us understand this in detail: –




Supercomputers have the ability to do their work fastest and can process all types of work which is processed by any computers built till date.

Supercomputer can process billions of instruction per second .

Supercomputers have many processors which work together that’s why the speed of supercomputers is so fast ,

We can understand this in such a way that a simple microprocessor can process millions of instruction per seconds while on the another hand a supercomputer can process work done by more than 40,000 microprocessor alone

The performance of supercomputers is measured in FLOPS (floating-point operations per second) whereas the performance of ordinary computers – in million instruction per second (MIPS),

most supercomputers work on the linux operating system, we can understand it in this way that only 2 supercomputer are working on the window operating system out of top 500 supercomputers working in the whole world.

size of supercomputers

The size of a supercomputer would be very large such that the size of a supercomputer can be equal to the size of a large room of hundreds of feet.

price of supercomputers

Supercomputers are very expensive like 2 million dollars to 100 million (1 million = 1 million)

Uses of supercomputers

They are mainly used in government or semi-governmental works such as: –

  • Aerodynamic modeling
  • genetic engineering
  • Mapping the bloodstream in our body (The total length of all the veins, arteries and cells in the human body is between 60,000 and 100,000 miles)
  • Metrology
  • Nuclear science research
  • prediction of earthquake
  • Seismology
  • space research
  • Weather forecasting etc

Examples of some supercomputer are:

  • CDC-205
  • CRAY X-MP-14
  • ETA GF-10
  • FUJITSU VP-400
  • NEC SX-2
  • PACE

mainframes computers


After supercomputers mainframes computers have the fastest and most efficient functioning.

The mainframe computer consists of RAM and many processors.

Many workstations and terminals are connected to mainframes computers and it works like a central processing unit for them, that is, it processes the work given by the terminals and workstation and returns them back.

A mainframe computer works on very high data such as petabytes (1 petabyte = 1024 terabyte).

It can process different types of requests of thousands of users simultaneously and can work on multiple operating systems simultaneously.

We can understand this thing that it alone does the work of hundreds of servers.

size of mainframe computers

mainframes computer are very large in size.

A typical mainframe computer can cover an area of 2000 square feet to 10000 square feet.

price of mainframe computers

Mainframe computers are also very expensive but they cost less than supercomputers.

An entry level mainframe computer costs just above 75000 USD (United States dollar).

Uses of mainframe computers

  • government departments
  • e-commerce companies
  • banks
  • healthcare sector
  • railway
  • postal services
  • education
  • credit- debit cards transactios companies etc.
  • Stock exchange
  • Research center
  • Telecommunication
  • Finance Sector

Examples of mainframes computers

  • 34/36 System
  • AS / 400 System
  • Fujitsu’s ICL VME
  • Hitachi’s Z800
  • Hopper; Cray XE6
  • HP mainframe
  • I Series System
  • IBM 370, S / 390
  • TSUBAME 2.0; HP Cluster Platform 3000 SL



A minicomputer is a computer whose size is small but the working capacity is much higher than that of a normal computer.
A minicomputer is a computer of capacity between mainframes computers and microcomputer.

Through the time sharing operating system, it can give its services to hundreds of users simultaneously.
Nowadays these types of computers are called servers, not minicomputer.

size of minicomputers

Their size is much less than the mainframe computer but even though the minicomputers are smaller in size but their working capacity is much higher than microcomputers. These are equal in size to a desktop computer.

price of minicomputer

some time before  minicomputers were available for around 100,000 USD, but as technology progressed, minicomputers became cheaper and today are available for less than 20000 USD.

Uses of minicomputer

Minicomputers are used in scientific and engineering works, business, file handling, database management.

Example of minicomputer

  • Control Data’s CDC 160A and CDC 1700
  • Data General Nova
  • DEC PDP and VAX series
  • Hewlett-Packard HP 3000 series and HP 2100 series
  • Honeywell-Bull DPS 6/DPS 6000 series
  • IBM midrange computers
  • Interdata 7/32 and 8/32
  • Norsk Data Nord-1, Nord-10, and Nord-100



Today the computers which we call personal computers and using them in our personal works are the microcomputers.

Keeping in mind that all the people can get the facility of computer, microcomputer was created.

In microcomputer, the processor is in the form of a micro chip as well as RAM, ROM, secondary memory (HDD) and input output devices etc.

Manufacturers of such types of computers pay special attention to cost cutting and make computers keeping in mind the general needs. Desktop, laptop computers in our homes, offices fall in this category.

size of microcomputer

These are the smallest computer size, we can put them on the table (desktop computers), laptop (palmtop) in the palm. Our mobile phones are also computers of this category.

price of microcomputer

These are the cheapest computers, computers with normal processing capacity are also available for Rs 10000. According to computer manufacturing company and working capacity, their prices are more or less.

Uses of microcomputers

  • data and word processing
  • electronic spreadsheets
  • professional presentation and graphics programs
  • communications and database management systems

Example of microcomputers

  • Desktop micro computers
  • Mini Tower and Full Tower micro computers
  • Notebook or laptop micro computers
  • Personal digital assistant and Palmtop micro computers
  • Tablet and Smartphone micro computers
  • Workstation and Server micro computers

(types of computer based on size || types of computer according to size and capacity)

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