Uses of Computer in various fields A 2 Z

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Uses of Computer in various fields

Uses of Computer in Daily Life (At Home)

Computer has made a very significant impact on our society.

Today, computer is found in almost most homes. It is used to complete peoples various tasks. Whether it is to run internet, send email, play games, chat online, or even use computer for office work.

Computers used in homes are called Personal Computer (PC). When PC was launched in 1981, there has been a huge change in the way people work. Overall, Computer changed a person’s life completely by saving time and effort of them.

Uses of Computer in Education

Computer is also used well in the field of education. Today, many educational institutions have Smart Classrooms, under which the Teaching and Learning process of a school is improved with the help of computers.

Apart from this, e-classroom is also becoming increasingly popular for getting education.

If you have a computer, you can easily get information about any subject using the Internet. Thousands of websites exist on the internet, which provide online education for free, from where you can read about any subject.

as well as computers are also used for many other tasks in schools such as preparing report cards, making projects and assignments, and conducting online examinations.

Uses of Computer in Healthcare

uses of computer

Computer has played an important role in the modernization of the medical field. The use of computers has greatly improved the way a patient is diagnosed and treated at Hospitals. Keeping records of patients and medicines has also become very easy with the use of computers.

Today, in the medical field, computer plays an important role in performing CT scan, X-ray, eye test and surgery etc of the patient. Computers are also very useful in preparing disease-related reports &  are mainly used in many health related works.

Uses of Computer in Banking Sector

Computers are used in banks for various reasons. For keeping the information of the customer’s account, to print out the passbook or bank statement of the account holder, to keep track of the transactions done by the account holder, the bank uses the computer for all these tasks.

The ATM machine through which we withdraw and deposit money is also a type of computer. Internet banking is also a method by which people can do transactions or check their balance at any time. So computers have been an important contributor to simplify banking.

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Uses of Computer in Business

Today every businessman is using computer to make business big. Computer has become an essential tool in business. Here, computers are used by companies to make product development, marketing and product distribution process easy and effective. Computers also act as an intermediary in better relationship with the client.

However, mainly companies use computers to manage their products and services & for storing data for future use .

So using computer in business saves that company time and reduces the cost. Which helps the business to grow up.

Uses of Computer in government

Government departments also use computers for their work. Computers are used by the government to manage the records of citizens and government employees. Earlier, when computers were not used in government offices, it would have taken a long time to complete any kind of administrative work.

Uses of Computer in Entertainment

We all use computers extensively for entertainment. Whether it is watching movies, playing online games, or listening to music, computer is the main thing to do all these activities.

Even though it started as a machine which was used only for office work, today computer is an important tool for entertainment sector.

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Uses of Computer in defense and military sector

Computers play a very important role in the field of defense. Operations such as tracking enemy missiles and setting targets are performed with the help of computer. Computers are also used to control military vehicles. For example, Fighter planes and Tanks are used to set and destroy targets.

Computer simulations are used to train soldiers, in which they receive military training without harming the soldiers. Apart from this, the location of the enemy army is tracked with the help of GPS tracking.

Uses of Computer in Sports

Although sports is a physical activity, computers are used for various purposes in this area. Sports teams and other organizations use computers to track scores, keep records of players

Uses of Computer in journalism

Journalism is an area where computer work is probably the most. Modern journalism is completely dependent on computers. Everything from writing a news story to publishing it on the web is done on a computer.

Today people prefer to read news from news websites and blogs than to read traditional newspapers. Today, reading or watching online news has become so popular with the increasing use of computers in the field of journalism.

Uses of Computer in industry

Computers are used extensively in industries. For example, computer-controller robots are used to assemble cars in enclosed industry. Today, in almost all large industries, the manufacturing process is largely computer dependent.

In addition, computer programs are used to design the model of the product. It is important for an industry to make better use of computers to improve the quality of their product and reduce its cost.

Uses of Computer in science and research

In the field of science and research, computer has been in use since the beginning. These are used by SA to collect and aggregate scientific data. In the field of science, computers are also used extensively for research and supplementation.
Using computers, scientists also exchange research information with their fellow scientists. Computers are also used by scientists to collect earthquake related information and to know the weather conditions.

Uses of Computer in communication

The computer is an extremely important component in communication. The way people communicate today has completely changed with its use. With the use of computers and the Internet, we can communicate real-time with anyone in learning.

Live video calls can be made from your staff through video conferencing services. Nowadays We connected with social media today so using computer we can share our thoughts with the world.

Uses of Computer in marketing

A marketing professional are also using computer to promote a product’s sales or to promote their business . They mainly use computers to plan, and select marketing campaigns.

here computer play also an important role in offline advertising creation and marketing research. Computers have revitalized the field of marketing, due to which a small business can also market its products at a low cost.

& so on .

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