What is multimedia? how does multimedia work? A 2 Z

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What is multimedia? What and how does multimedia work? A 2 Z

multimedia is composed of 2 words, multi and media
When a system uses 2 or more media to present any data or information, then such system is called multimedia.
(Media = the medium through which we are communicating.)

Multimedia definition

If a system uses 2 or more than 2 media to present any data or information then this type of system is known as multimedia

Multimedia has many definitions.
Many types of media are used in the presentation of data or information in multimedia,such as: –

Different types of media used in multimedia

Animation (2D / 3D)
Laser lights

Types of Multimedia || Multimedia Examples || Elements of Multimedia


multimedia has many elements. We can use them according to our need. Some of the key elements of multimedia are as follows: –

Text: –

It can be any article, written on any subject, in Hindi, English or any other language. It can also be Alphanumeric in which Numeric’s is used with Alphabet. These can be just Alphabets or just Numbers or they can be symbols only.

Audio: –

It can be the voice of any living organism in which humans also included . it can be the sound of an object or of natural phenomena like rain, thunderstorm or high wind velocity (strong winds) or even the sound of an instrument or any other machine.

Visual: –

It can be a picture (pic) of a person, object or place.
Graphics: –
It can be a picture-pic made by some person or machine. Graphics is the main component of multimedia, which is used to create many types of software.

Animation: –

This is a set of real or machine-made pictures with which mostly sounds are used.
In this, the pictures used to appear in an order (sequence) and the sounds continue to accompany them behind . These look like real videos.

Video: –

This is a set of real pictures recorded with a camera or mobile camera or cameras mounted in pen or button period, along with these sounds are also used.
In this, the pictures used to appear one by one in an order (sequence) and the sounds continue to accompany them.

The difference between video and animation is that the video contains a real picture of an instance and a fixed number of pictures per second (eg 25 to 30 frame per second) are displayed on the screen.
But on another hand there is no boundation of fixed number of picture in the animation.

Laser Lights: –

In today’s time, laser lights are being used in all large-scale events.
Laser lights are an effective medium of entertainment in today’s time. Single and multicolor, laser lights create different types of images and designing patterns which makes any program attractive.

Laser lights produce scenes like fire, smoke, fog and water.
Today, in many countries, laser lights programs are organised in historical buildings at night.

Example of Some Multimedia Program

There are several types of multimedia programs such as:

-watching a video on youtube,

Knowing the distance and direction of driving with the help of navigational device while driving from a car / cab.

Watching a movie or news on television

A laser light show in a program.

studying in the classroom with a projector.

Any advertisement displayed on a digital signboard on a building or road

Example of Some Multimedia devices
As technology is advancing, so many types of multimedia devices are coming today like:

List of input multimedia devices

Web cams
MIDI-enabled devices
Digital cameras and camcorders
Mice, trackballs, joy sticks

List of Output multimedia devices

Monitors for text and graphics (still and motion)
Digital Signboard (ex. Electronic Advertisement
Speakers and midi interfaces for sound
Projectors used in Classroom, Cinema hall et

Uses of Multimedia || Multimedia applications || Applications of Multimedia

Let us now look at the different areas where Multimedia can be implemented.

Video / Audio Conferencing

With the help of Video / Audio Conferencing, we can have a meeting for ourselves or at our workplace. Today, many people also talk to their relatives together with a conferencing call.

E-Commerce Shopping

Watching and buying your favourite thing online at home
Driving Assistance Software
Taking map assistance from Google or other software while driving.

e-learning: –

Studying from website or apps while sitting far away.

Games: –

Playing games on television / computer / mobile phones |

Online Examination

Examination with the help of webcam and computer / laptop from your home or from any designated place
CCTV camera supervision: –
Monitor your home or office sitting somewhere far away

Remote Assistance: –

At home or office, getting trouble shooting of your product with a technical expert sitting far away.

List of Multimedia Software: –

Many types of multimedia software are being used today. How we select them depends on the type of work we are using.
Different types of software are used such as Photo Studio, Games, DJ Music, Laser light etc.
Inkspace Windows.
K-lite Codec Pack
Media monkey.
VLC Player.
Windows media player
Adobe photoshop.
Inkspace Mac.


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