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how to add calling button on home page in wordpress website- 3 main methods explained

Adding a calling button on the home page of your WordPress website allows users to easily contact you by phone. There are several methods to achieve this, and I’ll explain

Adding calling button – 3 main methods explained

how to add calling button on home page

Using a Plugin:

Plugins make it easy to add a calling button to your website. Here’s how to do it:

    • Install a click-to-call plugin: You can search for a click-to-call or call button plugin in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Some popular options include “WP Call Button,” “Click To Call,” and “Call Now Button.”
    • Install and activate the plugin.
    • Configure the plugin settings, including the button’s appearance and where it should be displayed on your site (e.g., on the home page).
    • Save the settings, and the button should appear on your home page.

Using a Theme Builder:

Many WordPress theme builders and page builders allow you to add call buttons directly to your website’s design. Here’s how you can do this using popular page builders like Elementor or Divi:

    • Edit your homepage using the page builder of your choice (e.g., Elementor or Divi).
    • Add a button or widget to your page.
    • Customize the button’s text, design, and link. Instead of linking to a page, you can use the “tel:” protocol followed by your phone number. For example, “tel:+1234567890.”
    • Save your changes, and the call button will be displayed on your homepage.

Manually Adding Code:

If you prefer to add the call button manually, you can do so by editing your theme’s template files or using custom CSS. Here’s how:

    • Access your WordPress dashboard.
    • Go to “Appearance” and select “Theme Editor.”
    • In the theme files, locate the file that controls your home page, which is usually “index.php” or a custom template file.
    • Edit the file and add HTML and CSS to create a call button. Here’s an example of HTML for a simple button:html 
      <a href="tel:+1234567890" class="call-button">Call Us</a>
    • Add custom CSS to style the button, such as its size, color, and position.
    • Save your changes, and the call button will appear on your home page.

Using a Custom Widget:

You can create a custom widget that displays a call button and place it in a widgetized area on your homepage. Here’s how:

    • Go to “Appearance” and select “Widgets.”
    • Create a new custom widget using HTML and CSS to generate the call button.
    • Place the custom widget in the widget area that’s used on your homepage.
    • Save your changes, and the button will be visible on your home page.

Remember that it’s crucial to ensure that your call button is mobile-responsive, as many users will access your website from smartphones. Test the button on various devices to confirm that it works as expected. Additionally, ensure that your phone number is correct in the “tel:” link to enable users to call you directly when they click the button.

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