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know computer in easy language detailed information A 2 Z

Friends, lets know computer in easy language, when any one go to learn computer then first question raised in mind is that  what is computer? And on digital media like websites / blogs / YouTube etc., many people are giving you the answer of this question, while they themselves do not know what a computer is?

let’s start reading computer in easy language

Such people also tell the full form of computer that

full form of computer

C = Common
O = Operating
M = Machine
P = Purposely
U = Used for
T = Technological
E = Educational
R = Research

you cannot see the full form of computer in any international standard book, & if someone asks you full form of computer, then your answer should be that the full form of computer is not there. But according to the people it is C = Common, O = Operating, M = Machine, P = Purposely, U = Used for, T = Technological, E = Educational, R = Research.

Rather, the word computer is derived from the Latin keyword ‘computer’ which means to calculate.

now know that

What is computer in easy language

Computer is an electronic device that takes data or information, instruction from the user, then processes the data/information/instruction and gives the result to the user in the form of processed data. The computer can also store data in its memory device (storage device) for future use.

Computer can be used to create any documents, spreadsheet, database, pictures, videos etc., process them, send them to another computer, receive them from another computer.

Along with this, the computer can also be used to play games, send / receive emails, run internet etc.


2.Computer is an electronic device which is used to perform operations expressed in logical and numerical form, these operations are given to computers in the form of programs and these programs give instructions to the computer that How, when and in what time to complete the given work


3.Computer is an electronic device which receives input from the user or any media and then stores or processes the input as per the instructions given by the user and generates the result as per the user’s wish.

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computer in easy language

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(computer in easy language

characteristic of computer in easy language

Due to some major characteristics of computer, today computer is being used all over the world.
like :-

• Speed

The speed of working of the computer is very fast,
The computer can do its work in a very short time like Microsecond ( 10 -3 ), Nanosecond ( 10 – 9 ), Picosecond ( 10 – 12 ) which is not possible for a human ,
We can understand this in such a way that it can take a person’s whole life to calculate as much as the computer can calculate in 1 second.

• Accuracy

The computer does all its work accurately, the computer is not behind the mistake made by the computer, but the user of the computer or the circumstances in which the computer is kept,

For example, when a user enters wrong data in the computer, the result given by the computer will be wrong.

Similarly, even if the computer is kept in a very hot place or in dirty places, the computer can give wrong results.
Because the computer works well only in cool and clean places.

• Diligence / Diligence / Continuity ( Diligence )

The computer never gets tired and the working efficiency of the computer is not affected by the number of hours the computer is working.
If it works for 10 hours, then the work done by the computer in the first hour and the work done in the tenth hour will be exactly the same and there will be no difference in its accuracy.

• Storage Capacity

The computer has a lot of storage capacity in the form of memory to store data / information, computer stores the data / information in non volatile memory like ROM (primary memory) or hard disk drive – hdd (secondary memory) ,

Since mobile is also a form of computer but for data storage in mobile, ROM is used.

Whereas HDD is used for data storage in computers like desktop / laptop etc.

The HDD used in the third generation used to be of few MB but today even in normal computers it is in TB (terabyte).

• Versatility

The computer does not have any interest in doing any work and the computer is capable of doing all kinds of work.

Where on the one hand we can play games, watch movies through computer, on the other hand we can launch rockets in space, leave satellites or treat a patient in the hospital through computer.

• Automation

The computer does all its work and the computer does not have to take any help from anyone in doing the work, in getting any work done from the computer, the user has to give instruction to the computer only once and according to that instruction The computer does all the work without any help, that’s why the computer is considered as an automatic machine.

• Power of Remembering

Whatever work the computer does, it can be stored in its secondary memory for future use and can retrieve that saved work when needed.
There is a lot of storage capacity in the computer’s memory, so the computer can store and store a lot of data or information.

• No IQ / No feeling

The computer is less emotionless / feeling less, when we humans say something bad to another person, then he feels bad and does not do our work, whereas we keep calling the computer bad but the computer does not feel bad and that does our job properly.

A computer is made up of many different types of software and hardware. Thus we can say that computer has 2 main parts.

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Computer Software (computer in easy language)

Whatever work computers do, they do it according to any instruction or set of instructions and these instructions are developed by programmers.

Any one instruction or set of instructions given to the computer by which the computer can complete a specific task (work) given by the user, is called a program.

Any program is written in any language of the computer which is called programming language.

Any one program or set of programs by which a complete specific task is completed and / or controls the hardware of the computer, is called computer software.

Computer Hardware (computer in easy language)

Computer is made up of many devices which are called computer hardware and we cannot call any one device as computer, but all the devices which make up a computer are called computer hardware.

Some of the major computer hardware are as follows:-


memory / storage devices,

input output devices,



So in this way we can say that all the devices working in the computer which we can touch, which can break and which can be replaced when broken, are called computer hardware.

Father of computer

Charles Babbage is considered the father of computer. Charles Babbage was a professor at the Cambridge University in the 19th century. He was born on 26 December 1791 and died on 18 October 1871. He was a mechanical engineer, mathematician, philosopher and inventor.

Charles Babbage gave the concept of Analytical Engine and later he invented the Analytical Engine which was capable of performing basic arithmetic functions for any mathematical problems.

Charles Babbage was the person who first gave the concept of a digital programmable computer.

Charles Babbage invented the first mechanical computer, the difference engine, our modern computer is based on the same basic idea of ​​the Analytical Engine that Charles Babbage created

In view of the contribution of Charles Babbage in the development of computer, he is considered as the father of computer.

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Remark : friends this is the topic of computer in easy language in which we tried to cover all important aspects of computer still if you have an query to ask , feel free to message us via comment box given below this article

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