Meta will launch amazing feature in WhatsApp app in 2022?

it’s true friends, Meta will launch amazing features in WhatsApp app in 2022

We already know that today facebook has become meta and meta is trying to make all its software better than before, whether it is about facebook or whatsapp, meta is developing their new features.

Now Meta is working on some new features for the Android and iOS apps of its messaging app WhatsApp. Some of these features have already been launched on beta apps.

Among the new features in WhatsApp is working on

There are features like message reaction, poll, download timer, drawing tool.

Similarly, there will also be a change in the way the media (photo, video) is saved in the disappearing message in WhatsApp.

Now let’s know about these new features in WhatsApp app

  • Message Reaction,
  • Poll,
  • Download Timer,
  • Drawing Tool

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Message reaction features in whatsapp app

In this, users will be able to choose from the emoji available in WhatsApp to react to a message.

And just like the reaction is given on Facebook, WhatsApp users will also be able to reply to messages from Like, Love, Laugh, Surprise, Sad and Thanks to React.

WhatsApp is currently testing the message reaction feature.

Today, the way we react after reading a post on Facebook, in the same way users of WhatsApp will also be able to react to someone’s post and comment.

Poles features in whatsapp app

The poll feature has been available on Telegram for a long time.

In the same way, Meta is thinking of bringing the poll feature along with message reaction on WhatsApp.

In this feature you will be able to select a question and add multiple options to it, initially Meta will make this feature available for groups in WhatsApp.

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Download timer features in whatsapp app

As it is being said that Meta is also going to provide a download timer feature in WhatsApp, in which the WhatsApp user will be able to know how long it will take to upload a document.

Users with slow internet speed and users who share large files will be especially benefited by this feature.

There will also be a new feature in the download timer through which users will be able to share files up to 2GB with WhatsApp.

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Drawing tool features in whatsapp app

In today’s time, a large number of people send messages like good morning, good night to each other through whatsapp and there are many people who edit these messages with the help of an app.

That’s why Meta is also working on a better drawing tool for WhatsApp to give this editing feature to its users. In which WhatsApp users can use options like pencil, eraser and blur while editing the image.

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