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Tuberculosis Disease: Definition ,Types , Symptoms & Many More only in 15 minutes

In this post we are going to understand Tuberculosis Disease with it’s Definition ,Types , Symptoms & Many More only in 15 minutes, so read this post till the end

That are the topic that discuss in this Disease

★Sign & Symptoms
★Risk Factors

Tuberculosis Disease

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Definition of Tuberculosis Disease:

Tuberculosis Disease is the infectious disease that mostly affects lungs parenchyma including body part like, meninges, kidney, bones and lymph nodes and other parts of the body that caused by a bacteria (Mycobacterium Tuberculosis)

Types of Tuberculosis Disease:

1. Pulmonary TB: That’s only affect the lungs
2. Extrapulmonary TB: That’s affect other organs like,

›Skeleton TB
›Genitourinary TB
› Meningitis TB
› Pericarditis TB
›Gastrointestinal TB

Sign & Symptoms:

There are some common symptoms of Tuberculosis Disease-
›1. Highly Coughing with Blood Mucus, Sputum
›2. Angina Pectoris (Chest Pain)
›3. Loss of appetite
›4. Chill and night sweats
›5. Fever and Fatigue
›6. Weight Loss
›7. Fatigue
›8. Coughing more than 2 weeks

Risk Factor:

1.Tuberculosis Disease Caused when close contact with tb infected people
2. Alcoholic People
3.Weak immunity
4. Renal failure
5.Health care team members and workers
6.Visit in an area that highly affected by TB
7. Diabetes Mellitus

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Spread /Transmission :

It is an air borne or transmitted disease spread by the sneezing, coughing, speaking from the infected person to uninfected person and rare case of touching.


WHO REPORT+ In World More than 5.7 million active cases
And approx. 95% cases come from developing areas.
India’s Report: In 2016 2.2 million active cases present in India and death count is approx. 4.23 lakh.


There are some general antitubercular drug using in treatment.
ST- Streptomycin
R- Rifampicin
I- Isoniazid
P- Pyrazinamide
E- Ethambutol

antitubercular drug are divided into two groups.
Groups (1)
Highly effectively, low toxicity, cheap, routinely used.
1. Streptomycin
2. Isoniazid


Groups (2) Anti tubercular Drug efficacy and/or

higher toxicity reserve drug and expensive

4.Rifabutin, Rifapentine
6.Amikacin, Kanamycin

Prevention of Tuberculosis Disease:

› Wearing the mask properly.
›Isolate in hospital or home.
›Finish entire course of medication with routinely.


›Damage the lungs and alveoli
›Caused infection to another parts like Kidney, Bone, Meninges etc.


Diagnosis with method
1. Physical Examination
2. Laboratory Test

Physical Examination:
›Check the sound with auscultation.
›Clubbing of fingers
›Check fluid around the lungs (Pleural Effusion)
›Crackles (Usual breath Sound during breathing)
› Swollen lymph nodes

Laboratory Tests:

›Chest X-ray
›Sputum of AFB (Acid Fast Bacilli), gene expert fungal hyphae
› Tuberculosis skin test TST also called the PPD.

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